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Arts Riot Collective’s mission is to develop a community of Disabled and Neurodivergent Artists and supporters, providing access to high quality creative practice, connections and cultural spaces.

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Art Riot Collective

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Bringing Change


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Building Connections

Offer a creative space where people can learn and grow artistically and socially
Provide space and time where artists and supporters can connect and network and be part of a cultural community
Offer new cultural experiences nationally and internationally 
Create opportunities for artists to expressive themselves and be valued as artists who can contribute to the culture of the city 
Provide an alternative way of learning and developing skills and knowledge
Offering rights based knowledge within the creative space
Offer solutions for participation with an occupational therapy lens
Provide a space of listening, reflection and learning

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Artists and makers

Art Riot Collective

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Artist and dress maker


"I never thought I would be able to do something physical, it feels weird as I don't do anything physical"


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Unit 6 FarGo Far Gosford St, Coventry CV1 5ED, UK

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